Organisational Transformation

“Reflecting on the past 12 months with EMUGs...I’m really not sure how it could have gone any better. Some things have taken time to develop and that was likely needed. Looking at the whole picture...What a transformation in a short time. Your leadership, collaboration, style and hard work have been the fulcrum of this change. We all really appreciate your impact. EMUGs potentially could have folded without you, and now look where we are! On behalf of myself, and everyone in EMUGs, Thank you.”


"Stacey led the engagement with her colleagues who quickly became a key enabler of our executive leadership team in transforming the culture. Stacey wore multiple hats facilitating big workshops, coaching the Exec team and mentoring the broader team. Stacey's passion and dedication ensured that everybody she worked with raved about the impact she had on them both personally and professionally. She's an amazing lady who brings her whole self to work every day and it was a real privilege to work with her.  I can't wait to do it again."

- Chris Green, Executive Officer, Kinetic Super -

"Stacey is a one of a kind individual who genuinely cares about the people and the organisations that she works with. Unafraid to challenge or walk where others fear to tread she brings a balanced and authentic lens to the task of behaviour change and is passionate about helping create outstanding culture through the growth of the individual and the interactions of the people."

- Kay Clancy, Executive Officer, Corporate Services -