Business Coaching

"We needed to unblock our way of thinking about how we could exit our family business of 10+ years and Stacey totally nailed it from the get-go. There were so many things to consider that were tangled and Stacey was able to illustrate with ease the thought processes through which we were able to obtain some clarity, make a decision and move forward with our plans. Stacey has a lovely personality, is skilled in communication, her integrity and professionalism made our meetings, relevant, easy and something to look forward to, a privilege to work with."    

- Ali Eggington, Director, Tutukaka Surf -


“The result was a $50,000 increase in revenue in just 1 month and I now have a streamlined business, a PA supporting me and I’m booked up months in advance. It’s really been quite transformational.”  

- Gabrielle Young, Stratus Consulting -

“The holistic approach Stacey takes is an integral part of a successful happy individual in business. I am slowly aligning my life to be creating exactly the life I dream of and deserve. I would highly recommend working with Stacey to improve your business as well as find clarity, motivation and excitement in your personal life.”

- Fiona Gallacher, Atea’s Chalet by the Sea -


“Stacey gives wonderfully insightful and constructive business coaching that fits with my lifestyle and personal beliefs. The amazing thing about working with Stacey is that you can achieve great results without it feeling like work or ignoring your personal life to get results in your business.”

- Carolyn Verhoef, Organising Coach -

"I found Stacey brilliant to work with. She kept me on track and directed by helping me set goals. I was unclear with the bigger picture for my business and Stacey enabled me to draw out the concept, making it more concrete. She gave me some great insights and I would recommend her to anyone. Our partnership was like that of a bow and arrow with Stacey as the bow that kept the arrow going in a straight line until it reached its target."

-Karyn Sneddon, Anu Spa -


“I highly recommend Stacey to anyone in business. Her amazing energy, deep knowledge and invaluable strategic guidance has really helped sort my life and business. It's been a challenging journey at times, but only six months later, I've made some pretty huge changes and can actually say I am living my 'life by design'. Hire this talented lady!”

- Sarah Adams, Director, The Namery -